Crucible of Decline

Crucible of Decline

Crucible Cover“Corrupt Federal Gov’t leads the USA to Decline in this thriller”- NYT

Description -This book entitled “Crucible of Decline” is a fictional story revolving around the eventual collapse of the United States dollar and how a corrupted Federal Government headed by President Carson B. Archer declares a national emergency using the “National Security Emergency Response Act” which has been resurrected from the cold war era thereby allowing the federal government to run the nation in a manner befitting of a dictatorship. As the story expands, calamity overwhelms all domestic life and disrupts international-balances to a dangerous and explosive level. The beginning chapter tells the roots of this fictional prediction and the destruction of the four Pillars of America’s greatness. Paramount is the Cultural Decline of America well underway in the later 20th and early 21st Centuries and has corrupted the Political Pillar and soon collapses the Economic Pillar leaving only the Military Pillar standing under siege but ready to strike back. The story is supported throughout with commentary, historical references and facts supporting the probability of this fictional story becoming a prophetic reality.
Faced with disasters, rising civil violence and an unintentional plague of mass death, the result of the inept authorities, and so gives members of the Military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and a few members of the Cabinet no option but to form and enact a counter-covert plan which reaches its crescendo in the first days of May. (a veiled reference to the 1964 movie, Seven Days in May, based on the novel of the same name by Fletcher Knebel and Charles W. Bailey II, which was published in 1962).

The gravity of the situation is further compounded by the impending possibility of an insurrection, a general mutiny by the lower ranks of the armed services due to an outrageous and villainous operation code named “Operation Gravestone”. A covert operation in which soldiers were murdered to conceal secrets the administration does not want made public. Simultaneously, events in the Far East Pacific, Middle East, Central America and the Indian sub-continent began to erode as powers clash and events began to spiral out of control.

This book is not completely void of humor, granted there will not be much to laugh about, but, the world is cruel, we are surrounded by crooks, scoundrels, and savages all we have is honesty, kindness, and humor to give us grace. Interlaced in the plot are personal stories of ordinary people. One such story is the ordeal of Bobby Singh, a Yuba County California farmer, and his family’s defense against a murderous ruthless roaming gang. Another story is of the Morgan family faced with ruin by heartless forces out of control. History is a constant backdrop throughout the book.
No political faction is exempt from criticism in the formation of this tragic story. Some may find moments of patriotism but not for long. There is much blame to spread around and no sacred cows are to be found in these pages. Archer longs for ultimate power and uses deadly tactic to mislead the public by stealth and deceit to achieve his goal. But an equally elaborate plan of stealth and deceit takes place by the opposing forces to bring down Archer and his government run police state.

In the midst of this action the book gives overall meaning and substance to what happens to the average American when the dollars is worthless.


This is one of those stories that could easily be non-fiction. The possible collapse of the US dollar is a popular SHTF scenario among preppers and doomsdayers, and for good reason. If the dollar collapses this country will be in a hurt locker overnight. This well written tale takes you into the madness and chaos that arises following such an event, both on the streets and behind the scenes. The way it pulls from both actual history and current events really adds to the realism of the story. I particularly appreciate the willingness to throw blame in all directions. Both sides are eager to wallow in the muck in order to advance their own goals and grab power.

It’s a grim story but there are moments where I found myself grinning, though it was a wry one and more “that sounds about right” than “haha”. Throughout history we’ve watched as Caesars make merry while Rome burns. In Crucible, the President and First Lady throw extravagant parties and play golf while the country descends into chaos. I couldn’t help but laugh at that particularly familiar scenario. This is one of those stories that can keep you up late at night wondering “what if?” and the ending is a whopper! Can’t wait to read the next book and see how things play out.

Cat Jones